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To ensure proper care for property owners’ assets, NPR has developed a full-fledged customer relationship management (CRM) process with functions such as:


✓ Maintenance coordination with the support of multiple maintenance contractors

✓ 24-hour emergency support and standby services

✓ Cleaning and property servicing

✓ Advanced maintenance Call Centre with a statistical feedback loop to manage performance

✓ Enhanced value-added services beyond conventional thinking

✓ Moveable asset management with the flexible options


NPR offers additional services such as gardening, security and cleaning on a large scale. By using economies of scale as a catalyst, we can offer superior and affordable services to our Landlords through the most trusting contractors and service providers.

Over the past decade NPR has been outperforming the market trends by:

  • Being the leading property rental brand in Namibia 

  • Effectively managing > 55,000 m2 of rental area on behalf of Landlords and Investors

  • Landlords entrusting us with hundreds of millions worth of property assets to manage safely

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