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Terms and Conditions

        9.1 I hereby confirm that I have full authority to rent out this unit and that I am the rightful owner/shareholder/authorized signatory or of the property/ies.

       9.2 I confirm that the above information, that will be used when marketing and leasing the property/ies, is correct and accurate.

        9.3 Services are subject to terms and condition of the signed Management Agreement as well as a property/ies handover form.

        9.4 The Tenant will pay the monthly rental amount to NPR between the 1’st to the 5’th of the month. Subsequently, NPR will deduct all related fees, services, levies etc. from the gross rental and pay the net rental amount to the Landlord by the 15’th of the next month.

        9.5 Rent is charged in advanced and other expenses such as water, electricity and maintenance charges are recovered the following month.

         9.6 All rental leases shall be signed and controlled according to NPR’s standard Lease Contract.

         9.7 All rental leases will be stamped according to law and stamp duty will be recovered from Tenants.

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