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Application for Rental Lease (Residential)

Kindly Take note of the following:

1. Rental is payable in advance each month. First month’s rent payable before handover of keys by cash or
direct deposit.

2. A non-refundable commitment fee equal to one (1) month's rent plus stamp duty is payable upon approval
of application to secure the unit. The commitment fee will be applied towards a refundable deposit on
signature of the lease agreement.

3. The maximum number of people allowed to occupy a two (2) bedroom unit is either two (2)adults with
two (2) children (<13 years) OR three (3) adults. A maximum of four (4) adults are allowed to occupy a three(3)
bedroom unit.

4.Any occupant other that the applicant, above the age of 18 should complete Section 2.

5. No Pets are allowed without prior written consent from the Body Corporate.

6. If your application is approved, a min. one year lease agreement will be entered into.

7. All complexes are strictly governed by Body Corporate rules, those not adhering to the rules will risk
being evicted.

8. If married, please provide marriage certificate.

9.Applicant to provide a copy of the following information (please tick):

Upload Latest pay slip
Upload Three (3) months' bank statements
Proof of res.:
Identity Doc. or Passport with work/study permit for non-Nam.
10. Personal Details
11. Current Employer
12. Current Landlord
13. Financial Details
(date on which your salary is paid into your account)
14. Tenant's Vehicle details
Vehicle 1:
Vehicle 2:
15. Next of Kin Information (In the Case of an Emergency)
16. Where did you hear about us:
A Credit Check with ITC and employer’s check could be required. I hereby approve and authorize the landlord to conduct an ITC and employer's check as per details provided above. All costs will be for my account. In hereby confirm that my personal details as provided above are correct and accurate.
Your Signature *
Upon our notification that your application has been approved you are required to immediately arrange payment of the deposit to secure your leased property, failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your application.
Section 2
Record of prescribed client particulars in terms of the Financial Intelligence Act of Namibia (Act No.: 3/2007)
Attach copy ID
Attach copy Payslip
Information declared here true and correct:
Your Signature *
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